Commencement Hall

With 1,620 seats in its floor and mezzanine, PUCRS Commencement Hall is the stage of great events in the city of Porto Alegre, including ballet performances, conferences, operas, musicals, and many other events. It also has dressing rooms, promoter room, foyer, cloakroom, and box office, all in a prime location.


1,620 places


Please contact our team for booking inquiries, reservations, and other information you may need: 51 3320 3566.

Technical Data


  • JBL active sound system.
  • YAMAHA MG 16FX audio mixer (10 channels XLR and 3 stereo channels P.10).
  • MX 412 D/C Shure table microphone microflex cardioid.
  • Wireless ULX P4 SM58 microphones.
  • SCM 810 Shure.


  • 1 computer with a 15′ LCD screen
  • 1 multimedia projector EPSON 1915 3.500 ANSI lumens
  • 1 Visograf 150′ electric tensioned projection screen


  • 1 lectern with PUCRS coat of arms and reading light
  • 1 set of flags (Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, PUCRS)
  • 5 seats without height adjustment
  • 3 modules of head table in wood (1.30 length 0.80 height and 0.80 width)
  • 1 wireless giraffe microphone stand for the lectern


  • Dressing rooms and ancillary rooms.
  • Access to the stage via front stairs or aisles.
  • Emergency exits on the sides of the stage, floor and mezzanine.
  • Cloakroom, box office, VIP room and snack bar.

Sound Booth

  • 220V power outlets.
  • 127V power outlets.
  • LAN outlets.


Auditorium Entrance Hall

  • 40 cm length X 19.60 cm width


  • 05 m width x 10.05 m depth


  • 15.05m width x 7.45m height